Henkel-Jyothy Lab ( Tax Issues primer )

Found this interesting presentation on tax issues in Mergers & Acquisitions. Hopefully serious practitioners of special situation investing will find it useful.


Based on available information so far, Jyothy can do both- a high court administered Amalgamation or a reverse merger where apparently High Court permission is not required ( not very sure about this ). A reverse merger would mean Jyothy getting merged into Henkel and the resulting company can be called Jyothy or Jyothy Henkel or whatever.

Moot question is the valuation of Henkel at the time of amalgamation. Well, it can be anything. However, I am going by the assumption that Jyothy wants to be a serious player in Indian FMCG space and will not do anything that smacks of hurting the interest of small shareholders.

Well, there are no guarantees in this business and that is what makes investing so fascinating. I mean, it would be totally boring if all thesis panned out the way they were originally thought of and I am sure there will be some twists in this story as well.

So here is to making some money in this as well!

Happy Investing.

PS; if you hv problem downloading this, send me yr email and I will mail it to you

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